Saturday, May 28, 2005

Time to Go!!

This Guardian article unsurprisingly has it completely arse over tit. It seems to me that it is time for Michael Howard to do the decent thing and go before this whole thing becomes a farce. Rather than gerrymander the leadership contest, remove the power from hard-working members like me and my colleagues, and try and desparately promote 'boy wonder' (aka the vacant David Cameron), Mr Howard should realise that his is a quixotic effort. The party is not for turning; we don't want to modernise into the right of the Liberal Democrats; and we want someone who will stand up for timeless Tory values- lowering taxes, shrinking the state, traditional values rather than fashionable relativism, and securing our borders. No matter how much time we are given, we are not going to be taken in by the patronising preaching of the 'Notting Hill set': people who think cultural elitism, soggy pro-state big spending and being 'nice' will connect with 'ordinary voters'. What an 'extra-ordinary' idea!!

Ken Clarke's 'Vanity Tour 2005' is playing to empty venues up and down the land. French-loving federasts are oh-so popular in Britain, and the man who stabbed Margaret in the back will get the loyalty that he deserves- none!!

Mr Howard, I am sorry. The party is not going to 'change' into something that betrays its values. Nobbling the rules STILL won't get you the result you want. It is time to go. Bye, and thanks for the memories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not reading this blog anymore.

You should be ashamed of that piece.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Pancroft said...

I don't see why- although it was a difficult piece to write. Provocative anonymous comments may as well be from socialists or liberals who read this blog, as far as I can tell. Could you tell me why a Conservative should have such trouble with the sentiments?

5:52 AM  
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