Thursday, May 19, 2005

More Declare for Davis

I am pleased to announce that a great new blog has announced for David Davis. It seems that cyberspace is reaching critical mass, and if DD is as good at courting his fellow MPs as he is party members then he should be a shoe-in.
From what I have been hearing from fellow party members, and from the amount of blogging support for Mr Davis, other potential conservative candidates should carefully weigh up their options.
This blog originally started in order to head off the conservative Cassandras, nay-sayers and lefties who said that our party had to renounce our heritage and beliefs. It is clear that we need one mainstream Conservative leadership candidate who can put our beliefs clearly and loudly. Personal vanity or petty rivalry should not get in the way of the pursuit of conservative values. Other candidates should weigh up how much public support they enjoy throughout the party- whether or not our democratic right to pick our leader is taken away from us- and unite behind the best-placed conservative to win- not just the bast-placed Conservative. If that is David Davis- as increasingly seems likely- the likes of Fox, Redwood and Rosindell should expect to be rewarded accordingly in the fullness of time. Our party used to put a premium on loyalty, and only when we get in line and stick to our mission will we be ready for government again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well quite. A little less woolly headed thinking in the final days of the election would have moved us well over the 200 mark. We need a clear move to distinguish us from the Centre and Centre-Left and give the people the strong right-wing leadership they want.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Pancroft said...

Sound!! A friend remarked that the likes of Yeo and Bercow, Osbourne and Cameron seem embarassed to be Conservatives- whereas if anyone should be embarassed that they are Conservatives it should be us!!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Pleasant_Pastures said...

Those filthy Guardian-reading, tofu-eating, human rights peddling, so-called 'modernisers' make me sick. If there is one certain way to destroy our Party it is by letting them get near the steering wheel.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Pancroft said...

I like your style, pleasant pastures!!

7:53 AM  

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